Nordic Voice #7: Street action and movie review

This time we will have with us:

Kristian, who enjoys hanging transexual park benches off bridges (DK)

Tom, straight out of Nazi-Zombie-Land (NO)

Onni, who is living the finnish dream of knife fighting and cheap russian gasoline (FN)

Tommy, today he fights for the cause whereas two years ago he honked for the cause (SE)

Max, the show Führer!

This time they will talk about the public struggle and how important it is to show your face outside the digital battlefield. Beside of that we will, as always, deal with the activity reports of each country, have damn good music and lot of good content right from the frontlines of the new north.

Tune in and enjoy!

En pan-Nordisk podcast med medlemmar från alla de fem Nordiska länderna.

// Ta reda på mer genom att lyssna!

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