URKULT #05: The Hendrik Möbus Sessions Part 1

The name of Hendrik Möbus should sound familiar to any fan of the Black Metal underground. He has reached legendary status over the decades as one of the most controversial figures within the Black Metal scene, as one of the founders of the NSBM band Absurd, convicted murderer and devoted National Socialist.

For the uninitiated, “NSBM” stands for National Socialistic Black Metal and is one of the most extreme forms of the subculture, still proudly carrying the torch of radicalism and denouncement of the modern world. This interview will be followed by an episode (in Swedish) wholly dedicated to the topic of NSBM, where we shall dive deeper into the depths of the subgenre.

In this two part interview series, Ulf and Simon join Möbus to have a candid and in-depth discussion about the history or Absurd, as well as Möbus own history. The topics dealt with will range from a wide variety of topics, such as life behind bars for murder and “thought crimes”, the history and rightful place of NSBM within Black Metal and thoughts on National Socialism in general.

This is the first time we have the pleasure of recording an episode in English, but hopefully we will get the chance to reach out to international listeners again in the future.

Stay tuned for part II, coming out soon here on Nordisk radio.

Hendrik Möbus live with Absurd during Asgardsrei, Kiev, Ukraine 2018:

Urkult är en kulturpodd som kommer ut en gång i månaden. Inriktningen är mörk musik, såsom svart- och dödsmetall, neofolk och rituell ambient folkmusik. I programmet kommer man att diskutera kulturella frågor som är relaterade till den mörkare musikens värld.

Programledare är Ulf Larsson och medarbetare är Simon Holmqvist och Linus Persson.

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