Leadership Perspective #13:
Why deny the holocaust? Adaptation and dangerousness

Here is the thirteenth episode of the podcast Leadership Perspective. Participating are the Nordic Resistance Movement’s leader Simon Lindberg and Fredrik Vejdeland from the organization’s national leadership in Sweden.


  • Change of tactics and activism
  • What has happened in the struggle since last time?
  • Ideological/Tactical question: Holohoax

Basis for discussion:

Laser action against the holocaust hoax in Gothenburg

NORDIC FRONTIER #177: The World’s Most Dangerous Man

The Nordics’ most dangerous man speaks

The Resistance Movement has become an international symbol for criticism of Jewish power

Leadership Perspective is the official podcast of the Nordic Resistance Movement, in which Simon Lindberg, the Movement’s leader, voices the organization’s positions and thoughts. Discussions on the podcast often center on ideological questions, the organization’s tactics and its official positions on different matters. Everything stated in Leadership Perspective can be regarded as being sanctioned by the organization.

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