Merry Yule Comrades!

Merry Yule and Good Christmas comrades!

It has been a fantastic year for the Nordic Frontier. Even though we lost two of my co-hosts over the year, we continued strong with my new co-host Alan. And Mike and Johan aren’t gone, they are caring for the their loved ones and building strong white families.

We will resume our broadcast, going into season 5, on the 5th of Januari 2021. When we return we’ll have a look back at 2020, the year of Covidshit and black communist riots, and have some laughs. As we do, we always find something to smile about in the current decay of our white countries.

While you’re waiting for fresh content from the Nordic Frontier, the gold standard of podcasts according to some, you can nip into these places for some holiday entertainment:

Tiwaz Comfy Corner on Telegram

Pagan Bookshelf on Telegram(Alan’s Telegram project)

Neo-Mike’s Rants and Memes on Telegram

Tiwaz Tunes Dlive – Streaming channel for national socialist gaming and more

Until the new year, stay white and don’t be an english cigarette!

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